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Bush Tucker

7th June - 27th July 2013

This collection of works portray custodial Bush Food stories and reflect the traditional life for Aboriginal people within their homelands.

Men were the hunters and trackers of large animals like wallabies and kangaroos, while women were the collectors of the staple diet of root vegetables, fruits, seeds and smaller animals like lizards.

Some bush foods were simply thrown on a fire, baked and eaten. Others required considerable preparation – soaking, leeching, grating, grinding and then cooking.

Plants were also an important source of bush medicine. Some were applied, as rubs mixed with animal fat, others were inhaled, for example by using crushed aromatic leaves. This exhibition displays artworks portraying 'bush tucker' stories and concepts in Aboriginal Art.

  1. Bush Melon Seeds A5746

    90 x 145cm

    acrylic on canvas

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