'Beautiful Beasts' | Geoff Todd

Conceived and contemplated over the past 30 years, this exceptional body of work has been laboriously researched and executed. Long a champion of the persecuted and misunderstood, Todd has analysed the mythological creatures of several cultures and how they have morphed into something far departed from their original incarnation. Religion, modesty and misinformation has led to this point.

Geoff Todd is a renowned Australian artist with strong followings in the north of Australia, Asia and Europe. Todd was established as a serious artist at a young age with acquisitions by the National Gallery of Australia, the National Gallery of Victoria and numerous regional public galleries throughout Australia. His work has been included in contemporary art exhibitions across the United States, Austria, Hong Kong and Italy. 

“An artist often draws inspiration from those less fortunate, down trodden, misrepresented or abused” says Todd.

‘Beautiful Beasts’ is his attempt to address the misinformation that has led to the demonization and misconceptions around these creatures.

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