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'Change Takes Time' | Ann Thomson

28 FEBRUARY – 18 MARCH 2023

Exhibition Opening: Friday 3rd March, 6 - 8pm - To be officially opened by Chris Saines, Director QAGOMA/QLD Art Gallery
Artist Panel Discussion: Saturday 4th March, 11am -
To be convened by Vanessa Van Ooyen, Director, QUT Galleries and Museums in conversation with Ann Thomson, Joanna Capon OAM and David Malouf AO.

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Mitchell Fine Art is proud to present an upcoming exhibition with Ann Thomson and a celebration of her 90th year. The exhibition includes works rare works of Ann's from the 1970s.

Brisbane born but now Sydney based, Ann Thomson (b1933) is a painter and sculptor known for her intriguing, expressive artworks. Thomson has been at the forefront of the Australian art landscape for more than 50 years and has won significant art prizes such as the Wynne Prize and the Tattersalls Art Prize.

Ann Thomson is included in collections such as Art Gallery of NSW and the Australian National Art Gallery amongst others. 

Described by the late Edmund Capon as “one of the most interesting and intuitive artists in Australia today”, Ann's works are not intended to replicate a scene or a landscape, but rather evoke a sense of place.

“To paint a specific subject is just not my way of working. I have to be more open. It’s like opening another door that is to do with trust, it’s to do with memory, and having the knowledge that when you start painting the creative process begins. Too much thinking about it gets in the way.” - Ann Thomson (Artist Profile Magazine 2016).

Often described as abstract, Ann Thomson rejects this label as her works are drawn from visual memories of places and things; “I might abstract something, but I don't just paint shapes.” Thomson often refers to a quote from The Bulletin magazine when she was asked, “Are you an abstract or a figurative artist?” and she answered “yes”.

“My painting has always moved between representation and abstraction which I continue to explore today.” - Ann Thomson.


  1. Ann Thomson | Hook Up

    129 x 166cm

    oil on linen

  2. Ann Thomson | Marker

    170 x 119cm

    oil on canvas

  3. Ann Thomson | Split

    168.5 x 122cm

    oil on canvas

  4. Ann Thomson | Shute

    124.5 x 166cm

    oil on linen

  5. Ann Thomson | Strand II

    167.5 x 120cm

    oil on linen

  6. Ann Thomson | Floating

    167.5 x 117cm

    oil on linen

  7. Ann Thomson | Above the Telegraph Pole

    171.5 x 114.5cm

    oil on linen

  8. Ann Thomson - Espace  - 61x61cm Sold
    Ann Thomson | Airway

    79 x 69cm

    oil on linen

  9. Ann Thomson | Sound

    53.5 x 53.5cm

    oil on linen

  10. Ann Thomson | Moonee Beach Series 6

    51 x 42cm

    gouache on paper

  11. Ann Thomson | Espace

    61 x 61cm

    acrylic on linen

  12. Ann Thomson | ROTATOR

    82 x 27 x 27cm

    wood, rope, metal and firehose

  13. Ann Thomson | MASQUE

    106 x 33 x 10cm

    wood, rope and chain

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