'A Feast for the Eyes' | Mirra Whale & Deirdre Bean

2 Aug - 26 Aug 2017

Australia’s obsession with seafood is the focus of the latest exhibition opening at Mitchell Fine Art on Friday 4th August.

A predominantly coastal population, seafood is engrained in the Australian way of life. Special occasions are marked with consuming copious amounts of moreish creatures from the deep blue. Artists Deirdre Bean and Mirra Whale explore this concept from different perspectives in their latest exhibition ‘A Feast for the Eyes’.


  1. Mirra Whale | Octopus and clams

    40 x 54cm

    pencil on paper

  2. mirra whale | Cuttlefish and sardines

    40 x 54cm

    pencil on paper

  3. Mirra Whale | Salmon head

    35 x 37cm

    oil on linen

  4. Mirra Whale - Octopus - 35x37cm Sold
    Mirra Whale | Octopus

    35 x 37cm

    oil on linen

  5. Mirra Whale | Barramundi for Goya

    63 x 73cm

    oil on linen

  6. Deirdre Bean - Glass and Two Oysters - 23x23cm Sold
    Glass and Two Oysters

    23 x 23cm

    watercolour on paper

  7. Deirdre Bean. 'Blue Swimmer Crab' 28x36cm Sold
    Blue Swimmer Crab

    28 x 36cm

    watercolour on vellum

  8. Mirra Whale - Feast from the Sea - 60x80cm Sold
  9. Mirra Whale | Snapper

    42 x 52cm

    oil on polyester

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